WingMan Motor Group stands by their products and recognises that the nature of mechanical products that at times things can go wrong.
This limited warranty is to provide after sales care and service. Each claim will be assessed on a case by case basis.

Vehicle Owners Responsibilities

• The vehicle must be serviced according to the service manual
• Proof of service must be kept to be provided upon request

What can void this warranty?

• Any modifications made to the vehicle
• Abuse or misuse of the vehicle
• Using the vehicle for any use other than what it is designed to
• Using the vehicle beyond its limits

How long does coverage last?

The limited warranty period is valid for 12 months from date of purchase.

What does this limited warranty not cover?

WingMan Motor Group is not responsible or to be held accountable for any of the following:
• Theft
• Damage
• Injury caused whilst operating the machine
• General wear and tear
• Consumable items
• Damage caused from exposure to weather conditions
• Normal Maintenance items including but not limited to the following. Fuel, oil and air filters, carburettor cleaning, brake components, intake and exhaust valves, clutches and serviceable bearings.
• Normal replacements of service items. These items include but are not limited to spark plugs, air & oil filters, tyres, brake pads, lightbulbs, fuses, clutch components and serviceable bearings.
• Any damage that is a result from using the vehicle beyond the limitations and driver’s capabilities.

What will we do to correct problems?

All warranty claims must be made in writing and emailed through to

Your claim will be reviewed and you will be advised if the part is covered under warranty.

At this time you may be required to return the part for further assessment.

Parts are to be returned at buyer's expense to be assessed by our technicians.

Return address:

Attention: Warranty Department
1/6 Hampton Road
Burleigh Heads
Queensland 4220

IMPORTANT: Please enclose your contact details including name, phone number and address with the returned parts.

A replacement part or repair will be provided if the part is deemed faulty.

If the part is not deemed faulty you will need to organise pick up of the part within 1 month of the decision being finalised. All parts remaining after this period of time will be forfeited.

Important: Proof of vehicle servicing and maintenance receipts are to be provided at the time of claim.

All warranty repairs/replacements must be approved by Wingman Motor Group prior to the repairs/replacement being carried out.

(07) 5522 0223