A T-Boss 400 for Australian Mum

A Linhai T-Boss 400 for Mum!

Recently a customer came into our showroom and was interested in the Linhai 400 T Boss. He explained how his mum was looking for an off road vehicle for her property in New South Wales.

When we walked through the features of the vehicle, he went on to explain why she had decided to move away from using her 4WD on her property and invest in an off road side by side.

His explanation was not what I was expecting, nor were we prepared for how much it moved us.

She had been one of the unfortunate Australians that had the devastating experience of the bushfires that ran through her property in 2019. Even more terrifying was that she was trapped in her vehicle that had caught on fire and barely escaped it to find shelter in a dam on the property. She lost everything but thankfully not her life.

With this first hand experience now, she has a more extensive fire evacuation plan. This includes an off road buggy to use on the property so that her road registered vehicle can be used as her transport to safety. Now as we know there are no guarantee that a fire won’t take out her escape vehicle however, her odds are better stacked having 2 vehicles capable of moving her away from danger faster than she would on foot.

To learn more about the Linhai T Boss 400 click here to view the features.



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