Frequently Asked Questions

So you've come this far for your new vehicle and you have some questions? Excellent! We have answers. If you don't see an answer to your question, please Call WingMan Motor Group Today on (07) 5522 0223 for all things On & Off Road. We are Australia's UTV, ATV & Scooter Specialists!!!

Do you offer repairs or servicing on buggies?

We certainly do. Our experienced fully qualified mechanics complete all servicing and repairs on all makes and models.

Is my buggy insured when being freighted?

Yes it is. All national carriers are fully insured for deliveries from our door to yours.

If I build my own buggy does it affect the warranty?

As long as the buggy is built as per the manufacturers specifications and not modified from the original design.

Can I register my buggy?

Conditional registration is available to ATV and UTV’s in most states and territories. Each State and Territory has different rules and regulations.

ATV & UTV Conditional Registration

Does Conditional Registration mean that I can drive my buggy on public roads?

Not exactly. Each registration for each vehicle has different conditions.
For example:
You can request the condition be that you can cross a public road to go from one paddock to another.
Or you may request that the conditional registration allow you to drive the buggy for 100 metres down a particular road to enter another property.

Do you have spare parts readily available?

Yes absolutely. We have many parts ready to ship straight from our headquarters here on the Gold Coast in Burleigh.

I can’t find the spare part that I am after. Does this mean it is no longer available?

No it doesn’t. If the part you are looking for is not listed on the website we still may have one on the shelf in our warehouse. Best thing to do is contact us on the link below and we will be able to advise if the part is available or needs to be ordered in.

What type of warranty do you offer?

Please view our Terms & Conditions for Warranty

What happens if you do not have the buggy I want in stock? Can I place an order anyway?

Yes, you certainly can. We are constantly replenishing our stock. To have a vehicle earmarked for you in an incoming shipment all that is required is a small deposit to secure your vehicle.

What is the towing capacity?

Each vehicle does vary and are listed in the specifications per vehicle.

Is it hard to assemble the buggy if it arrives in the box?

Basic hand tools and mechanical knowledge is required to assemble the buggy. 90% of the buggy is already assembled however, assembly of wheels, roll bars and batteries for example are required.

How can I hear about new products?

Sign up to our mailing list today! We are always looking at bringing the latest off road vehicles to our customers. Be the first to know what is coming!

I have lost my owners manual. How do I get a new one?

Easy. Just let us know the make and model of your vehicle along with your email address and we can email one through to you.
(07) 5522 0223