WingMan Motor Group Fleet Options

Side x Sides Fleet Options

Fleet management is quite often the job that no one puts his or her hand up for.

You can find yourself spending all your time trying to:

• Fix broken components
• Upgrade to newer models when older ones are ready to retire
• Making sure that those all-important services are done on time

Our team understand your time is valuable.

So, how can we give you time back?
First step, purchasing the right vehicle that suits your needs.

When you speak to one of our team we listen to what you actually want to use the off road buggy for.

Secondly, we can walk you through the ongoing costs of servicing and maintenance so you can make a fully informed decision for your fleet.

Scooter Fleet Options

Are you building a fleet of scooters for scooter hire or scooter rentals?
Our Znen 50cc and 125cc scooter range are perfectly suited for any scooter hire business.

With a range of scooter styles to suit everyone, we can work with you on which styles will keep your customers coming back for more scootering fun.

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